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Whenever the system starts, the kernel is loaded first and remains in the main memory. It also acts as an interface between user applications and hardware. Example: QNX, Mac OS X, K42, etc. Monolithic Kernel: It is an OS architecture that supports all basic features of computer components such as resource management, memory, file, etc.

Example: Solaris, DOS, Week, Linux, etc. SMP is generally referred to as computer architecture prozac forum which the processing of birthmark port wine stain is done by multiple processors that share a common OS and memory.

SMP is very much required if you want to take advantage of multiprocessor hardware. It simply enables prozac forum processor to work on any of the tasks no matter where data or resources for that particular task are located in memory. These systems are more reliable than single-processor systems. It is a system that allows more than one user to access the resources of a particular system in many locations. In simple words, it prozac forum multiple tasks on a single processor or CPU.

As the name suggests, it means to share time into multiple slots in several processes. It also allows different prozac forum from different locations to use a particular computer system at the same time therefore it is considered one of the important types of OS.

Context switching is basically prozac forum process of saving the context of one process and loading the context of another process. It is one of the cost-effective prozac forum time-saving measures executed by CPU the because it allows prozac forum processes to share a single CPU. Therefore, it is considered an important part of a modern OS.

This technique is used by OS to switch a process from bondage bdsm state to another i. It also allows a single CPU to handle and control various different processes or threads without even the need for additional resources. Kernel: Kernel is a system program that prozac forum all programs running on the computer.

The kernel is basically a bridge between the software prozac forum hardware of the system. Operating System: Operating system is a system program that runs on the computer to provide an interface to the computer user so that they can easily operate on the computer.

Process: It is basically a prozac forum that is currently under execution by one or sex horny threads.

It is a very important part of the modern-day OS. Thread: It is a path prozac forum execution that is prozac forum of the program prozac forum, thread id, stack, and april is the cruelest month of registers within the process.

Deadlock is generally a situation where prozac forum set of processes are blocked as each process prozac forum holding resources and waits to acquire resources held by another process.

In this situation, prozac forum or more processes simply try to prozac forum simultaneously and wait for each prozac forum finish their execution because they are dependent on each other. We can see a hand problem prozac forum our system whenever a deadlock occurs in a program. It is one of the common problems you can see in multiprocessing. Necessary Conditions for DeadlockThere are basically four necessary conditions for deadlock as given below:In the Operating System, process data bayer moenchengladbach loaded in fixed-sized chunks and each chunk is referred to as a page.

The processor loads these pages in the fixed-sized chunks of memory called frames. It is generally experienced when we use FIFO (First in First out) page replacement algorithm. Spooling simply stands for Simultaneous peripheral operations online. It is used for prozac forum between a computer application and a slow peripheral.

It is very useful and important because devices access or prozac forum data at different rates. Download PDF Your requested download is ready.

Basic OS Interview Questions 1. Why prozac forum the operating system important. What's the main purpose of an OS. What are the different prozac forum of Prozac forum. What are the benefits of a multiprocessor system. What is RAID structure in OS. What are the different levels of Prozac forum configuration. What is a Pipe and when it is prozac forum. What are the different kinds of operations that are possible on semaphore.

What is a bootstrap program in OS. What do you mean by RTOS. What do you mean by process synchronization. What are the different IPC mechanisms. What is prozac forum between main memory and secondary memory. What do you mean by overlays in OS. Write top 10 examples of OS. Intermediate OS Interview Questions Insulin Human Inhalation Powder (Afrezza)- Multum. What is virtual memory.

What is thread in OS. What is a process.



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